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He techno (adapted to Spanish as techno ) is a gender of electronic music that arose in Detroit ( United States ) and Germany around the mid-1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno as a reference to a musical genre dates from 1988 and appears linked to music in an article that Stuart Cosgrove published in the magazine The Face from Detroit. Currently, there are many styles of techno , although it has generally been accepted that the genesis of the genre lies in the detroit techno and in its predecessors.

The origin of techno comes from music home together with the fusion of certain currents of European music, based on the experimental use of the synthesizer or the first electric . Added to this is the influence of a court aesthetic and theme. Futurist , based both on science fiction and on some ideas from the work of Alvin Toffler . the term itself techno derives from the concept of techno rebels present in the book the third wave from the sociologist American . This combination of ideas about the techno to a kind of aesthetic afrofuturist and cyberpunk .

The specialized press and fans of the techno criticize the loose use that is sometimes given to the term, since it is sometimes confused with other related but musically different genres, such as edm or the trance (WIKIPEDIA)

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