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José Rafael Frasquet López - Valencian composer at your disposal

I am one of those "mad about music" whose hobby appeared as a child when I went to get a haircut at a barbershop whose owner was a guitarist-musician from an orchestra in the city of Valencia. I lived on the top floor and this man played the guitar when he didn't have clients and I, who was generally studying, was transported to a fantastic world, THE MUSIC, which I have carried inside of me ever since.
When I cut my hair I kept looking at that black Spanish concert acoustic guitar with white mother-of-pearl pickguards and it fascinated me in such a way that one day I told my parents about it and without saying anything they negotiated with the barber and what was my surprise that as a gift for having passed the baccalaureate they gave me that beautiful guitar.
I was in a group that we formed at the "Pájaros azules" school, later in the "Joseps" with whom we did some "bolos" in Valencia, we also performed in Requena (Valencia) and in Sitges (Barceolna), later I dedicated myself to compose and thus, I premiered in 1980 "Una canción para tí" with the orchestra "Los Millonarios" in the Sala Albión in Valencia.
Now I have more than 100 finished songs and another 200 to finalize arrangements and leave them ready to register with the SGAE, where I have been member number 29280 since 1980.
As I said before, I premiered my first song “A song for you” in 1980 at the Sala Albión in Valencia and it was sung by Juan Bolinches, then with the stage name “Raúl”, accompanied by a formidable orchestra of more than 8 musicians, “ Los Millonarios”, where many of its members had been musicians in the orchestra of the famous Valencian singer Nino Bravo.
I have a website dedicated to carrying out musical commissions and I have several collaborators and co-authors from America, France and naturally Spain.
Although I have attended various courses and workshops on composition and arrangements, my best virtue is that I am self-taught and I have "drank" dozens of books on musical themes. I am a guitarist, although more and more I use keyboards and computers to compose. Look at this blog link

I am at your disposal for whatever you need, I will answer you personally

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