I am José Rafael Frasquet López , a Spanish Valencian composer.

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I'm going to confess something curious... I DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER I IMAGINED ! ... and I don't know why.

You are a new visitor, one more to add among the hundreds that I have already had... can you help me? I need you, I really tell you.

I would like you to browse the store and buy something to take away this disappointment that I have. If you can, a little, (or a lot) hopefully !

But if you don't want to or can't buy, it's okay, you'd be one more, but this time yes, I ask you... please register and tell me why you think I'm not having the expected success. (I also need subscribers for my store to be valued)

I'm going to thank you because I don't know what solutions to apply and your comment will surely help me.

I don't have too many resources but I don't want to abandon this dream , because the publication of this store with my songs is my always dream as a composer and now also as a writer.

If you sign up and tell me why I don't sell according to your impression when visiting this website I will send you in digital format my novel " TALKING ABOUT LOVE WITH MY INSTRUMENT " and the song " NOCHE DE SAN JUAN " of my authorship so that you can listen to it and also Sing it if you dare, because you will receive the compressed package containing... the audio of the sung song, the PLAYBACK or COVER , the lyrics and the score with the melody and harmony . All of it FREE, I promise.


To thank you NOW that you have read this page I offer you FREE download of the files that correspond to the theme SAD SONG :


You will check that among other files, you receive the lyrics, the score, an instrumental version and the playback to sing.