Free for you to contact me

I am a humble Spanish composer who, since I was a child, has the natural facility to write light music songs and now also electronic music.

I have more than 300 own songs and with various international lyricist collaborators. You can also have your own song with 50% of the copyright. Send me a poem of yours and I'll let you know if it's likely to compose a song with that letter. Cheer up.

If so, it will only cost you 16 euros and you will receive the score of the melody and harmony and two MP3 files, the instrumental song and a "playback or cover" to sing, with the necessary arrangements. Everything "on line", 50% to start and 50% when I send it to you. I'll pass you the payment links.

With full guarantee of compliance within a maximum period of 15 days and the corresponding registration of the subject at 50% of the copyright in SGAE that I myself will carry out with the form that I will send you for you to sign.

In any case, whether or not you send me your poem... I would like to offer you a free song from those that appear in my repertoire , so I beg you to write to me requesting the title that you like the most.

I only beg you to do me the favor of promoting me among your contacts.

Thank you so much

jose raphael