Musical Proval

Productions Valencia SL (PROVAL Group)
It is the first society that was founded to compose and promote unpublished songs.
    In our list of 60 songs "Instrumental Songs" , you can see the lyrics and hear a fragment of the songs that compose it. If you are interested in getting the files of any of the songs listed and they were not in the store's catalog, send us an email requesting their inclusion and we will send you the link when it is integrated into said catalog. With the purchase of any of them, (GO TO THE LIST OF SONGS FOR REPERTOIRE) , you receive, among other files, the corresponding playback that will allow you to create your own interpretation.
  • GET YOUR VIDEO We will upload it to the "Proval" YouTube channel If you send us an MP3 file we could create a video in AVI or MP4 format (for Instagram)
    You can be our collaborator as an author, composer, lyricist and/or singer.
    Get in touch with us and tell us how we can collaborate.
    In all collaborations, economic benefits can be obtained from the legitimate copyrights corresponding to the jointly created works.
    If you wanted to have your own website independent to show your performances, you will have the option to get them BUY IT
  • NEXT PRODUCTION OF CD's (albums)
    With the new (and old) songs from our collaborators we will proceed to produce and publish new albums or CD's. *** UNPUBLISHED *** .
    They will include your interpretations of our songs SEE EXAMPLE.
  • LOGICALLY they would also generate benefits such as songs available on digital platforms with the percentage agreed in a contract made for that purpose. Regardless of this, we inform you that we will also produce albums or CDs, let's call them " author ", when any of our collaborators gather at least 10 of their own songs as " co-author " (or professional / private singer) and is interested in publishing them monographically, obtaining therefore, the corresponding "co-rights" of author or publisher, exclusive