your occasion

I am glad to be in contact with you.

I am not looking for any other type of relationship that is not strictly professional and/or commercial, I am promoting myself as a composer and I am offering you opportunities to obtain and perhaps sing unpublished songs.

1st opportunity

You can get free songs

With the gift card whose code you will see below you can purchase the songs of your choice from the SINGINIFY store for free

The procedure is to choose a theme and add it to the cart and follow the purchase procedure reaching the final screen where you will put the gift card code to make it a FREE purchase.

Below you will receive the download link of the files that make up the theme, which will at least be the lyrics and the score in PDF format and the "playback or cover" as well as an instrumental or sung version to learn the melody, these last files in MP3

2nd chance

You can also have your own song.

(you can apply the same card to pay for this option)

I propose that you send me a poem of yours and I will compose a song that will be part of both of us. That is, it will be you and I who will have the legitimate copyright at 50%, so that when you upload it to the networks, it will generate purchase intention in my SINGINGIFY store where it will be for sale for a minimum of 2.95 euros of which 33.33%, approx. 1 euro will be yours, and for my part with the song sung by you or by me, I will create a video with or in a karaoke version that I will upload to YouTube and therefore will generate auditions and purchase intentions that will produce benefits in the same proportion.

I will also take care of registering it in the name of both in SGAE

Code to apply at the end of the purchase of the gift card:



Go ahead, cheer up. Thank you. Any query:

+34 693 267 732