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Some projects are already on the distribution platforms

Only 3 euros to study your project and fully advise you

The 3 euros that you are going to pay for us to advise you on your project will be deducted if you finally order any of them
I would like to release my 2 song project - SINGLE
I would like to release my 4 song project - EP
I would like to release my 10 song project - ALBUM
I would like to sell my songs on SINGINGIFY
Click here to order the study of your musical release
Dear people interested in promoting your music, I am the composer and producer José Rafael of this SINGINGIFY store, and I am going to explain how I can help you and show you the costs of your musical launch promoted by me through a preliminary feasibility study with the data that you provide.
Edition: The songs must be yours and be registered in a copyright management company and if they are in MIDI format, with a melody and its harmony already defined, I can create an accompaniment of the style that is requested with arrangements of bass, piano, guitar, strings or brass in addition to drums.

Cost: 16 euros per song. Delivery time: maximum one week.

Copyright absolutely yours.

Variant of the edition: If you only give me some lyrics, poems or a story to develop as song lyrics, then everything is the same as described above, except that the copyright would be to share 50%

Online digital delivery: You will receive the score of the melody, harmony and lyrics, if any, both in PDF format. The finished instrumental theme and the playback or cover, both in mp3 format.

Lyrics or lyrics: If they didn't have lyrics, I could create them.

Cost: 6 euros per song.

Registration of the songs: If I had to register them in your name, I would do so with the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers of Spain) and the copyright would be absolutely yours, unless I had intervened in the lyrics or in the development of the song. song (See Edition Variant) in which case they would be shared 50%

Cost: 6 euros per song

Production: Choice of edition in three formats SINGLE (2 songs) - EP (4 songs) - ALBUM (10 songs). Preparation of the data for the platforms. We will need at least the IWSC of the songs and a brief history of the artist who sings them.

I will be in charge of providing the audios, lyrics and defining phonographic edition distributions that will be shared 50%.

The copyright would be yours if I have not provided the lyrics.

Cost: 10 euros per song

Promotion: In all cases I will upload the chosen product to the most important international download and streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, etc... The rights for listening (streaming) and downloads will be shared 50%

Promotion cost: 0 euros

Variant of the promotion: In the event that you agree to upload some creative videos in karaoke format of the sung or instrumental song, I can do it in both cases,

One - if the copyright is yours Cost: €30 per video.

Two - If the copyright is shared. Cost: 14 euros per video.

In both cases the download or streaming rights will be shared 50%

Sales: The finished product is a SINGLE, EP or ALBUM, it can be put up for sale in the SINGINGIFY store to automatically buy and download the digital files described at the beginning and the established sales prices will be €0.95 (SINGLE), 1 €.95 (EP) and €2.95 (ALBUM)

The distribution of benefits before taxes will be in three parts, one third for the author, another third for the producer and the last third for store administration expenses. In the event that we have to pay commissions to third parties for the promotion and sale of our products, the previous distribution would be modified in four parts of 25% instead of one third to be able to deliver a part to the commission agent.

You will be personified on our "collections - collaborators" page with your photo, a brief personal comment and of course with your music in the production format you have chosen.

look at the examples

The 10-song album as a physical product: The American firm CD Baby offers the possibility of ordering physical CDs of the album and they take care of everything for a modest price of approximately $100 US dollars for manufacturing a batch of 100 units... (see and choose from their changing one-off offers).

This possibility should be done personally by directing your request to CD Baby. I would only intervene in providing you with the mp3 files of the songs.

Cost: 0 euro

Note: In order not to waste time and given the great demand for this product, MUSIC PROMOTION, a price of 3 euros has been assigned for the study of your musical project, of which we will inform you by means of a budget to your email , that if it is finally accepts its realization, we would deduct these 5 euros from the total